jueves, septiembre 27, 2007

Watch! (a watch)

Si cada hora tuviera 9.376 minutos, si yo pudiera estar en 19 mil lugares simultaneamente, si tuviera 68 brazos, y 26 bocas, si pudiera teletransportarme, aun así no me alzancaría el tiempo. Porque mi tiempo depende de los demás

lunes, septiembre 24, 2007

Manifiesto extraviado

Blah: "is a word that is sometimes used as an expression for words or feelings where the specifics are not considered important to the speaker or writer. It is not often seen in formal writing, except when transcribing speech. It differs from a speech disfluency such as "um" or "er" in that blah is a word used deliberately to represent other words, rather than as an accidental or temporary interjection into speech. Blah is also mimed behind peoples backs to suggest that they talk too much or that they talk about useless topics for no reason."

(Tomado de la enciclopedia libre en linea Wikipedia)

lunes, septiembre 10, 2007

Pretty dance (with no music)

Baila conmigo
un baile nuevo,
poema del cuerpo
flor del silencio.